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So an old friend of mine with which I play or GM since our teenage years said to me this week he wanted to play a gnoll in a campaign. Wednesday morning, it got me thinking and I was up early, and I thought I didn’t see how to easily make for him a gnoll one-shot while playing OSR (which we've really fallen into)… Until I thought "Well… Mörk Borg of course! Always Mörk Borg when you have the chance!"

So my concept for the gnolls is kinda basic and do not depart a lot from the classic tropes. I felt it was fitting for this game. I did change a bit their biology and switched their Ye**** demon/god for another thing conveniently starting with “Ye” in Mörk Borg: Yetsabu-Nech “the underworld’s nightmare, the black disk which stands before the sun” on 7:7.

Here a picture from p1 with the the fluff, I did it with a quick & lazy design (as befitting for gnolls) on a double A5, which you can get freely on luigi-pizzinu.itch.io and use as CC-BY. Feedbacks are also very appreciated.

As for gnoll as monsters, if you wanna use them I suggest taking stats from OSR retro-clones or 1e-2e stuff, or if using later D&D stuff, halving hp and tweaking some things, but most will be usable mostly as is with this concept. You can use or inspire yourself from some class abilities for monsters too.

Gnolls were already punk before punk. Gnolls were thrash and metal before thrash metal... Or death & black... Gnolls were already Mörk Borg before Mörk Borg.


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